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"Born Consultants is a Designated Cisco SMB Select Partner"



Instead of filling this page with partner companies logo's and certifications like most companies do, we will tell you about us! We like to believe we work with you from the stat to....

The Owner was Business Man of the year for 2005 in our district of IL and published in the Wall Street Journal. Ask for offical press releases. He has managed $150 million dollar contracts for educational markets for Chicago Public School Upgrades, holds over 30 various awards, certifications, and participates in Vendor confrences regurally. In addition he has been involved in cutting edge technology meetings with IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Wireless Vendors, VoIP, and most improtantly Secuirty Commities adding input to the developement of upcoming standards and business trends in IT.We will be posting a portfolio soon.

Meaning with IT ever changing we do see a finish in our relationship. As many companies will leave you hanging after the "job" is done. And many times I'm sure you find yourself frustrated or pushed aside to another vendor.

We are partnered with over 30 companies, so Microsoft and Cisco are not our only offerings. In addition we have a member Jacob McMaster who is an honorary chairman for IL business advisory consul, who works with congress time to time on business issues, so your input is valued.

In addition we are invited to a lot of standards meeting and committees for how to handle the changes in technology. Who better to server you then people that help on the standards!

We want you to be happy, and feel comfortable with our work, "You tell us we make it happen!" And we want is what is best for your company's success, so we will take the time to explain why we chose this over this. And we hold no obligations to sell a certain brand just to profit more. Leaving you with an honest job that will be your be best ROI.

We choose to be in the SMB market to keep close relations with our clients, and they in turn have been happy and spread the word, hopefully we get a chance to do business with you as well.
Contact us at +1.762.233.4878 or