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"Born Consultants is a Designated Cisco SMB Select Partner"




Among the 4 main stream technologies below, we do provide many standard services. Including virus/spyware protection/removal, data recovery, upgrades, and hardware sales. We are Authorized Cisco Resellers, as well as Microsoft Software Advisors, to help you company get the best solution at the right cost. Don't forget about HIPAA coming up soon; ask about our seamless compliance package today! In addition web hosting, e-mail, and about anything else is welcome. No matter how big or small, just call in and we will be glad to answer your questions.


Empowering a Collaborative Workforce with Innovative
Communications Tools. By converging voice and data over the same
network with a Cisco IP Communications solution, you can offer your
customers a wealth of collaborative applications—such as contact
centers and conferencing—and productivity-boosting capabilities such
as unified communications. Cisco CallManager Express for call
processing and Cisco Unity™ Express for voice-mail services gives branch
office workers the phone system features they need—such as basic voice
mail, intercom, and automated attendant functions—without adding
expensive large-enterprise features that your may not need.


Facilitating a Responsive Workforce and Eliminating Barriers to
Productivity. Cisco SMB Class solutions include intelligent wired and
wireless LANs that enable staff to stay connected to network resources
for more hours throughout the day—whether they’re in the office, in a
meeting room, or in airports or hotels. Traveling professionals can use
VPN and wireless technologies to securely access company
applications, client information, and communication tools from airports,
hotels, coffee shops, and other locations where a wireless “hotspot” is
available. All this helps you react quicker to both your
clients' needs and to their changing environment.


Creating the Connected Workforce at the Core of Your Business. With
an intelligent, integrated network foundation based on Cisco switches
and routers, you can deliver applications and services to your customers
more efficiently and economically. Using quality of service (QoS),
technology that enables the network to recognize specific data types
(such as voice versus data)—and assigns it an appropriate priority in
order to handle priority traffic expediently—can improve network
operational efficiency and help applications perform better. A highly
available Cisco network foundation can save you money by preventing
costly downtime.


Helping Ensure a Protected Workforce, Safe Assets, and a Trusted
Reputation. The Cisco security management suite of solutions simplifies
the setup and operation of firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and
other security measures. You can implement both remote access and siteto-
site VPNs with Cisco IOS® Software using software and Advanced
Integrated Module (AIM) hardware encryption cards, or with hardware
appliances such as a VPN concentrator, a router, a Cisco PIX® Firewall, or
a dedicated VPN server for dialup services. Cisco Web filtering products
shield your customers’ employees from objectionable Web content.