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"Born Consultants is a Designated Cisco SMB Select Partner"




Among the 4 main stream technologies below, we do provide many standard services. Including virus/malware and RANSOMEWare mitigation and cleanup don't pay the criminals who will just target you again when we will resolve these issues for you and run advanced forensics to determine the root cause and mitigate the issue, the best part we will do it for less then the bad guys! Also ask about our FREE Security, Network and overall enviornment assessments which include a report on our findings and mitigation recommendations regardless if you do business with us!! protection/removal, data recovery, upgrades, and hardware sales. We are Authorized Cisco Resellers, as well as Microsoft Software Advisors, to help you company get the best solution at the right cost. Don't forget about HIPAA and other regulation and compliance requirements, ask about our seamless packages using enterprise designs and protections priced and packaged with policy's and updates with optional 24/7 monitoring and support starting around $75 a month for everything today! In addition we offer many other managed services for the orginizations that can't afford $250k salaries for SA/SE's and have it outsourced to our local teams of some of the best with 20+ years experience per engineer not combined experience as others slip that one by you! Other managed services include, but not limited to e-mail, SD-WAN, Incident Response, Proactive Prevention of unknown risks known as 0 days, BC/DR, vendor management and about anything else is welcome. No matter how big or small and our best deal for company's that plan to keep growing or just want to build they company's security posture and technology roadmap's we offer a Virtual CIO/CISO service where you pay only for the actual hours needed to work with an excutive on planning and implementation of the road maps and risk management plans while we work with you on building your team to handle the tasks and/or staffing individual's that you feel you would benifit from with our advise as we are a part of your company and working for you and your business we work on getting the best pricing and staff avaliable along with determining if your current contracts/contractors have/are providing quality outcomes or are just another shop that everyone is a jack of all trades and my favority part when desired is assessing your vendors as we have the exact same playbooks, pricing models, current discounts and promotions running as this is what IT calls the channel and I'm always amazed how much the long time vendors of company's I work with are paying in margin and all the discounts that they are missing out on either because the sales people are using them for their own kickbacks or generally to lazy to fill out the paperwork if that 15% stackable discount for your old gear or for switching vendors and other promo's that come right off the top along with free services for new clients that never get to the client leaving you with wasted projects that will require more in labor or damages and then they wonder why they lost the client since I don't come off as an influncer at best, since I'm technical and keep it a secret that I have 20+ years with the largest vendors and have subcontracted for the partners of the year and just about every regional company that has come and gone over the years as they always need an architect/engineer for the advanced projects, which were usually mid career at best vs advanced having worked with well over 350 different businesses and some of the big 5 of industry along with the leading company in Insurance technology and migrating all of their customers to Microsoft or RHEL in my early career which they too happened to be one of the top partners of the largest technology company for enterprises with over a $1 Trillion Market cap currently, i.e. not Apple. For those unfamilar with this service it is done in person and remotely if desired, hours are predetermined based on your company's goals and a roadmap that is agreed up and unlike other company's and IT where you hear about projects going over budget and past project timelines as if that is supposed to be normal after 20 years still, I still choose to go against the grain and go based on what is proposed as I have long awaited for security to move up the priorty list and have always been known for the gift I was blessed with and want to help company's that need it the most to actually get what they paid for and stop finding company's networks and security full of risk when a friend calls to take a look at something for them as I mentor many in their careers and then when I'm connected its just a matter of a few hours and their entire organization could be under a bad actors control yet they firms charged as if they were 1 of 3 places with staff qualified to charge the rate they were, when the results they recieved most teams I've trained can provide the same outcome after their 1st or 2nd year. It truely is a deal, because I personally don't like wasting time and in management consulting operations has been my greats strength by building successful teams with whatever there is to work with and always optimizing, which this approach allows me to lead and execute on what I love more and more while bringing security to those that need it and top tier security posture to large enterprises working with the C suite and getting the truth out of the technical teams as they just see me as an outsider allowing for me to be one of them while finding the internal threats and get to the root cause of issues among teams and management, where honest communication upwards is rarely used and breeches are hidden and held back all the way up for fear of their job and the ease for them to just blame it on the products or buzzwords costing companys millions to billions after court and fines for data leaks. For the smaller company's why pay for less skill and hours wasted when you can get top tier leadership while your teams are found/built and in the top tiers for a much lower cost and for the enterprise's why continue to overlook risks that come with the standard orginization and communication being real and honest, when you have someone that can speak B school and your language of finance, while also blend in with the geeks and get to the guts much faster and the security posture and the proper risk identification along with testing of your org's GRC and the results as they are happening as the others see the geek and open up easier while also being tested to see if the policy's in place already are affective as I put them to the test at the same time and see if your response teams can actually respond as documented all while keeping upper management in the loop as to not disrupt operations if they're successful otherwise at least minimized and planned for times with acceptable risk that only we, being leadership knows, while having an off switch if your teams are no where near par, it isn't hard to stop the threat if needed and work on mitigation and review of the defects, so when a real threat comes along they will be far more prepared and no one has to be the bad guy keeping your teams working together as I move on to the next challenge and you get the value of unsugarcoated truth allowing for improvement throughout. Contact us at +1.762.233.4878 or call in and we will be glad to answer your questions.


Empowering a Collaborative Workforce with Innovative
Communications Tools. By converging voice and data over the same
network with a Cisco IP Communications solution, you can offer your
customers a wealth of collaborative applications—such as contact
centers and conferencing—and productivity-boosting capabilities such
as unified communications. Cisco CallManager Express for call
processing and Cisco Unity™ Express for voice-mail services gives branch
office workers the phone system features they need—such as basic voice
mail, intercom, and automated attendant functions—without adding
expensive large-enterprise features that your may not need.


Facilitating a Responsive Workforce and Eliminating Barriers to
Productivity. Cisco SMB Class solutions include intelligent wired and
wireless LANs that enable staff to stay connected to network resources
for more hours throughout the day—whether they’re in the office, in a
meeting room, or in airports or hotels. Traveling professionals can use
VPN and wireless technologies to securely access company
applications, client information, and communication tools from airports,
hotels, coffee shops, and other locations where a wireless “hotspot” is
available. All this helps you react quicker to both your
clients' needs and to their changing environment.


Creating the Connected Workforce at the Core of Your Business. With
an intelligent, integrated network foundation based on Cisco switches
and routers, you can deliver applications and services to your customers
more efficiently and economically. Using quality of service (QoS),
technology that enables the network to recognize specific data types
(such as voice versus data)—and assigns it an appropriate priority in
order to handle priority traffic expediently—can improve network
operational efficiency and help applications perform better. A highly
available Cisco network foundation can save you money by preventing
costly downtime.


Helping Ensure a Protected Workforce, Safe Assets, and a Trusted
Reputation. The Cisco security management suite of solutions simplifies
the setup and operation of firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and
other security measures. You can implement both remote access and siteto-
site VPNs with Cisco IOS® Software using software and Advanced
Integrated Module (AIM) hardware encryption cards, or with hardware
appliances such as a VPN concentrator, a router, a Cisco PIX® Firewall, or
a dedicated VPN server for dialup services. Cisco Web filtering products
shield your customers’ employees from objectionable Web content.