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"Born Consultants is a Designated Cisco SMB Select Partner"



Our Internal network consits of high end Cisco and Micorosft technologies for constant testing and optimization of our offerings. We soon will be adding several new services to the site tailoring to a Managed Service Provider enviornment. Meaning with the increase in bandwidth speeds due to fiber optic deployments we can offer your business access to technologies and solutions for a monthy fee.

What does this mean for you? Well for new companies and small to medium businesses wanting to stay ohead of their competion, but can't afford the new hardware, training, labor, and on call support staff you won't have too. You will be able to securly access Microst Office Applications, Online Backup's, Secure E-mail archiving, Online Colaboration, Business Automation, and so much more from your current hardware over the internet.

This will help insure compliancy with new regulations, and actually increase performance as well as data secuirty and safety. In addition our staff will manage these in a data center with various protection methods against natural disaster, hackers, faulty equipment, as well as keep everything updated w/o any downtime impacting your business needs day to day.

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